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I Met My Wife Because of Sailor Moon: Or, Why Stories With Queer Characters Really Fucking Matter

So, picture me as a gangly, passionate young teenager. Really obsessed with dead poets and graveyards, spends obscene amounts of time in the woods furiously scribbling Really! Dramatic! stories into a notebook. Oh, yeah. I was obviously the archetype of … Continue reading

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A Day of Victory, Redux: Shine

Almost ten years ago (ten years on December 1st! I can hardly believe it’s been almost a decade–it seems like we’ve been together forever~ <3), Jenn and I got together. I remember very, very clearly this particularly moment from early … Continue reading

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Sparkle Vlog 5: We Know Our Own Hearts — Being a Teenage Lesbian & Its Validity

(The fifth in my Sparkle Vlog series, where I—YA author Sarah Diemer—talk about inspiration, writing, and gay, queer and lesbian YA!) In this Sparkle Vlog: I wanted to begin talking about more serious things, especially as they relate to queer … Continue reading

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Staying In and Coming Out: On National Coming Out Day

(photo by unitopia) National Coming Out Day always makes me uncomfortable. It’s an awesome idea: come out, come out wherever you are! But it also involves a lot of unspoken judgement. Like: I came out, why can’t YOU come out? … Continue reading

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Honesty: How a Homeless Gay Girl Transformed Her Life, and How a Homophobic Mother Changed Her Mind

A really good friend of mine went shopping for her wedding dress a few days ago. With her mom. My really-good-friend is gay, and her mom has changed her views a LOT since she first came out to her, many … Continue reading

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Witch Girls, a Free YA Short Story — Part of Project Unicorn (A Lesbian YA Extravaganza)

Welcome to Project Unicorn–a fiction project over the course of one year by both me, author Sarah Diemer, and my wife author Jennifer Diemer, to put out, twice weekly (Mondays and Fridays!), free YA stories with lesbian heroines. Today, we … Continue reading

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Why Lesbian YA Stories Are Important: A Dialogue on Project Unicorn by Its Authors

Project Unicorn: A Lesbian YA Extravaganza! is a fiction project created by lesbian YA authors Sarah Diemer and Jennifer Diemer. It was created because of the obvious lack of lesbian heroines in the Young Adult genre, and the critical need … Continue reading

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