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THE DARK WIFE now has a French translation!

A really amazing fan, Touweny, contacted me about a year ago, offering to translate The Dark Wife into French. Very much a labor of love, the translation is now completed–and, like its English counterpart–will now be offered for free so … Continue reading

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Magic: THE DARK WIFE Gets a Sequel, and This Year is Gonna Be Rainbows

So much changed for me in 2013. It was the most transformative year of my life, and I feel, in this first magical day of the new year, that I am a completely different person, looking ahead at the possibility … Continue reading

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THE DARK WIFE Inspired Photo Shoot by Vasilion Photography

One of our dearest friends is Laura Vasilion of Vasilion Photography. We’ve known each other since we were BABY LESBIANS (I’m fairly certain we met when I was fifteen, and predictably when you link anything to that age involving us, … Continue reading

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Chapter Two of the Free THE DARK WIFE Audio Book is Now Live!

The third installment of The Dark Wife‘s FREE audio book recording is now live at the dedicated audio book page, or download it below! ❤ The Dark Wife, written by me, Sarah Diemer, is read by the awesome Veronica Giguere, … Continue reading

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Miss Independent: Why I Self Published my Gay YA (The First in the Self Publishing Sparkle Series)

I have been getting more and more emails lately from fabulous aspiring writers, asking why and how I self published, and how exactly it’s working out for me. I keep promising that I will be releasing a series of posts … Continue reading

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Hooray, You're GAY! — National Coming Out Day and a Celebration of Your Queerness

So, we kind of GOT LEGALLY MARRIED last week–something I’m going to post about, and in detail, very, very soon, I promise. 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤ We are still coming down from the joyousness that is GETTING LEGALLY MARRIED, and … Continue reading

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The Dark Wife's Prologue–Now with EXTRA SPARKLE

One of my very dear friends, Hugh, runs the kick ass podcast, the Way of the Buffalo.  This week, the lovely voice actress, Veronica Giguere reads the prologue of my novel, The Dark Wife, the YA, lesbian retelling of the … Continue reading

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