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3 Responses to Connect

  1. Meg says:

    The Dark Wife Teaser – MORE PLEASE! Oh I loved every word, I cannot wait to read the rest. ❤


  2. Hello Sarah,
    I just wanted to say how I appreciated your blog post on lesbian characters in YA fiction.
    Recently, I just finished my own novel and I am in the process of editing it.

    I’m finding that it’s very difficult to reach to agents and publishers when you have a main character that is gay. They always come back with “We are only looking for books within the market.” Apparently that market, is straight.
    So I just wanted to say that I’m happily surprised to come across your site and books and know that I am not the only one, trying to rock the boat.

    Jennifer Welker


  3. christian says:

    Both of you are amazing writers … I have bought most of your stories and I’m really sad that I’m almost done; anyway thank you for the late night fairytales and wonderful worlds.


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