Gay Paree!

Sarah and I have begun to dream-plan an epically romantic future vacation/adventure in Paris. We are both surprisingly single-minded about this goal–we’re even trying to learn French!–and are determined to get there the moment our finances allow us, ideally in the months of April or May. Paris in the spring! I went to France once before, years and years ago, before Sarah and I even started dating. The possibility of exploring the city with Sarah by my side, writing together in cafes and wandering the many specific sites that have become interwoven with our own personal histories, is so exhilarating to me!

A few days ago, I discovered a stationery line at Michaels called “Springtime in Paris,” which includes notecard sets, memo books, notebooks, rubber stamps, post-it notes and small tote bags, all for $1 each.

I spotted this notebook and thought it would be ideal for my Parisian information-gathering. I intend to fill it with must-sees and to begin to work out our travel itinerary. 🙂 I believe that operating under the assumption that we are definitely going to take this trip will make it more likely to really happen. I’m willing to do months and months’ (or years’) worth of positive thinking if the end result is kissing my beloved at the top of the Eiffel Tower, standing in awe before the sites of fabled lesbian literary salons, and walking hand in hand through Marie-Antoinette’s queendom. And–let’s be honest–eating like a million violet-flavored macarons.

Note: If you read our blog regularly, you may have noticed that there have been no new Project Unicorn stories posted for some time. Update regarding that coming very soon.


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One Response to Gay Paree!

  1. Bonne chance! My love and I have similar dreams of visiting the historical enclaves of lesbian artists and writers in Paris. You two should write a guidebook interspersed with Parisian short stories with your keen eye for the queer fantastic!


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