Get My Latest YA Novel, TWIXT, for FREE

Hello, beautiful people~  ❤

One of the best things about self publishing is that I’m able to test out a lot of things and see what works.  Two years ago now (THAT IS SO CRAZY TO TYPE), I published THE DARK WIFE.  When it was released, I did a lot of things to promote it, some strange and wacky (that worked!), and some tried and true (that didn’t work!), and stuff all over the map.  I loved being able to test things and see how people could find out about my strange little novel, and people DID find out about it–but only because I tried everything.

Now that TWIXT has been released for a month, I’m starting to play around with things to see how it can reach the most people.  When I released THE DARK WIFE, there was no such thing as KDP Select (KDP Select is an Amazon program where you can make your book free for a number of days, and then make it free to people who have Amazon Prime after the five days are up.  Downside?  You have to put your book on Amazon ONLY, so it’s an exclusive).  At first, I balked against the idea–I don’t like the idea of giving Amazon exclusivity–but I released TWIXT for a month on all platforms, giving people a chance to purchase it for all devices, and then I decided to try KDP Select, because it’s interesting, it’s new, and I want to see how it works for a lesbian YA book (most of the books that do really well on Select are books anyone would read.  Being a lesbian YA book, you obviously know that there are some people who would never read a book “like that”).  The worst case scenario is that a bunch of homophobic people download it when it’s free, hate it, and leave me terrible reviews.  I don’t read reviews, so I won’t be affected by it, (future purchasers might be affected by it, but I think a clearly homophobic review is obviously and clearly homophobic when they’re homophobic).  The best case scenario is a that a lot of people who would enjoy it will find it and read it.  And the best case scenario is completely worth it for me.  ❤

When you enroll in KDP Select, you get an option of making the book free for an amount of time and downloads.  You guys know (obviously!) that I love to give stuff away for free, so I clumped all of my free days together to give it the most “wowza-ness.”  (It’s a word.  Just go with it.  XD)

So, RIGHT NOW, you can get TWIXT for free if you haven’t already purchased it!

If you *have* purchased it, and are a little grumbly right now that it’s free, I’d like to thank you for purchasing it (and if you’re going to wait until after the free period is over to purchase it–again, thank you). I can NOT write the stories (and release the MASS amounts of free stuff) I do without people supporting me.  I am an entirely self employed author, writing lesbian YA.  That is as rare as a unicorn.  Without support, I wouldn’t be able to write, I wouldn’t be able to eat.  Thank you for having purchased my book, and understanding that–as an indie author of fiction that a lot of people won’t read on principle since it has “teh gay”–I need to try a lot of things in order to reach my audience.

If you’re thinking:  but Sarah!  I have a not-a-Kindle eReader, and I was going to purchase TWIXT but forgot!  Now I can’t!  Never fear–you certainly can, if’n ye wish.  🙂  You can purchase it directly from me on Etsy, and I’ll send you any eReader file you’d like!

Also, the SIXTH eZine of Project Unicorn came out yesterday!  WINGED THINGS is now released, and you can find out all the info here.

Please consider spreading the word about TWIXT and being able to get it for free.  I believe in this book with all my heart, and I am working tirelessly to get it in front of the people who would enjoy it.  But I can’t do this alone.  Thank you for being there, guys.  You give me hope.  ❤

All my love,

Download TWIXT for free until May 25th!

About Sarah Diemer

I write about heroic, magical girls who love girls. I drink a lot of coffee. Follow me at or find out more about my work at
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4 Responses to Get My Latest YA Novel, TWIXT, for FREE

  1. Rubiee says:

    You. Rock. 🙂
    Wanted to share that.


  2. Hoss says:

    I felt kind of guilty for taking this offer since I was probably going to buy Twixt with money eventually… so I went ahead and bought Dark Wife as well. I hope other people did the same. Good luck selling stuff!


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  4. Lilacs says:

    Purchased via Etsy as I don’t have a Kindle (my gf does, but she’s in Japan for the year). Thank you for making original stories with ladies who are into ladies. It’s so hard to find stuff where the girl actually gets the girl in the end, it’s not erotica, and/or it’s not fanfiction. Best of luck with your projects.


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