PRE-ORDER Twixt + a Sparkle Vlog on the Culture of Twixt

It is less than ONE WEEK until my second novel, Twixt, is released! Twixt is a dark fantasy YA with a lesbian heroine–this week, I posted the first chapter as a free download (and the book trailer!), and TODAY, I’m excited to announce the pre-order!

You can now pre-order a SIGNED copy of Twixt! When you order the signed copy through our Etsy store, I’ll send you a FREE eReader version of the novel.

And I have the eReader versions available NOW. So if you pre-order, you’ll be able to start reading Twixt RIGHT AWAY. Pretty exciting! 🙂



The freeze frame is ONE OF MY SHINING MOMENTS. XD

(The sixth in my Sparkle Vlog series, where I—YA author Sarah Diemer—talk about inspiration, writing, and gay, queer and lesbian YA!)

In this Sparkle Vlog, I talk a little about the culture and little tidbits about Twixt–this is a SPOILER FREE Vlog, so you don’t have to worry about being spoiled about anything in the book!

PLEASE NOTE, there is a TRIGGER WARNING on the video, because I talk about one aspect of Twixt that I think might be triggering for cutters or those triggered by talk of cutting.

(If you’d like to see me talk about something in an upcoming Vlog, let me know on myFacebook page or in the comments here! ♥)


About Sarah Diemer

I write about heroic, magical girls who love girls. I drink a lot of coffee. Follow me at or find out more about my work at
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