COVER REVEAL: Sarah Diemer’s Second Novel, TWIXT, a Dark YA Fantasy with a Lesbian Heroine

Last week, I announced my second novel, Twixt.  It’s been almost two years since my first novel, the YA, lesbian retelling of the Persephone myth, The Dark Wife, was released, and I’ve been so excited about sharing this new book with you guys.  You have continuously asked me for a second novel since TDW arrived, and I’m so grateful that you’ve been so excited about this.  On April 16th, I’ll be able to share with you a novel that I put my heart into, that I worked years on, that I hope so, so much that you love.  Until then, I am SO DELIGHTED (read: BOUNCING WITH EXCITEMENT) to share with you the cover and official description of Twixt!

I don’t think I need to tell you that putting a YA novel with a lesbian protagonist into the world is not the easiest action.  If you’re excited about this novel, then, there’s nothing better you could do than talk about it.  If you’re a book blogger, I’m already putting together the book blogging tour that I’d love to have when Twixt is released, and would love to be on your blog (just contact me!).  Any support you can give to Twixt would be greatly appreciated.  There are a lot of venues who, simply knowing that this contains a lesbian protagonist are therefore closed to me, book blogs that won’t touch me because I write lesbian YA, review outlets that won’t review this book.  I want Twixt to go out into the world, to be read by the people who would love it, queer or not queer, to be judged on the story and characters alone…you know, like all other books in existence.  🙂  Any support you can give to that is deeply appreciated, and helps put queer YA out into the world.  And that is always a magical, awesome thing.  ❤

WITHOUT FURTHER ADO:  the cover and description of my second novel, Twixt.  ❤

You wake upon the cold ground.  As you struggle to rise, as your breath exhales like a ghost, you know only two things:  You can’t remember who you are.  And you’re being hunted.

No one sleeps in Abeo City.  The lost souls gather indoors at night as Snatchers tear through the sky on black-feathered wings, stalking them.  But inside the rotting walls of the Safe Houses comes a quieter, creeping danger.  The people of Abeo City have forgotten their pasts, and they can trade locks of their hair to sinister women known only as the Sixers for an addictive drug.  Nox will give you back a single memory–for a price.

Like the other lost souls, Lottie wakens in this harsh landscape and runs in terror from the Snatchers.  But she soon comes to realize that she is not at all like the people of Abeo City.  When she takes Nox, her memories remain a mystery, and the monsters who fill the sky at night refuse to snatch her.  Trying to understand who she is, and how she ended up in such a hopeless place, Lottie bands together with other outcasts, including a brave and lovely girl named Charlie.  In the darkness, and despite the threat of a monstrous end, love begins to grow.  But as Lottie and Charlie plot their escape from Abeo City, Lottie’s dark secrets begin to surface, along with the disturbing truth about Twixt: a truth that could cost her everything.

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About Sarah Diemer

I write about heroic, magical girls who love girls. I drink a lot of coffee. Follow me at or find out more about my work at
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4 Responses to COVER REVEAL: Sarah Diemer’s Second Novel, TWIXT, a Dark YA Fantasy with a Lesbian Heroine

  1. That cover is creepy! I love it 😀 Great match to the summary.

    I just saw this post on Tumblr and was about to tweet you… if you’ll have me, I’d love to take part in the blog tour. I’ve been wanting to do a week of reviewing your books (since I just read and squee instead of writing anything about them).


  2. maryskye says:

    I’ll say it again: I can’t wait to get my paws on it 😀
    I’m not a book blogger, but I’m spreading the word of your amazing work to anyone I know. Here in Italy we literally starve for good queer stories and yours deserve to be devoured over and over again 🙂


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