THE DARK WIFE Inspired Photo Shoot by Vasilion Photography

One of our dearest friends is Laura Vasilion of Vasilion Photography. We’ve known each other since we were BABY LESBIANS (I’m fairly certain we met when I was fifteen, and predictably when you link anything to that age involving us, we met through a mutual obsession of Sailor Moon [Do not give me any sort of look. YOU WOULD HAVE BEEN OBSESSED WITH IT, TOO, IF YOU WERE A BABY LESBIAN DURING THAT AGE.]).

Laura is not only a wonderful person–one of the most awesome, good-hearted and kind women you could ever meet in your life–but she’s an amazing photographer. This is the lovely lady who took our wedding photos, capturing the magic, deep love and oh-my-gods amount of rainbow sparkles that day.

So, Laura is incredibly supportive of our work and amazing in general, so she began to scheme these past few months…she wanted to do a photo shoot inspired by my novel The Dark Wife, the YA, lesbian retelling of the Persephone and Hades myth. And she wanted to do it as a Yule gift for me and SURPRISE me with it after the countless hours of work she put into it.

And she did. ❤

It’s very hard to put into words how humbling, amazing, inspiring or fulfilling it is to see your work translated and made alive through a series of such artistic and stunning photographs. Laura “retold” the story through the following series of portraits, and they contain so much of what I tried so hard to convey in the novel. They. Are. Stunning. And I am so deeply humbled and grateful to her for making something so beautiful from my book. It was endlessly inspiring to see them, and it fueled me to help finish the current novel I’m working on, and I’m sure will help for many more (seriously…for an author to see their work translated like that…it’s hard to describe how amazing that is).

If you’re looking for an amazing photographer who captures the heart with her camera lens, really consider Laura Vasilion–she gets it perfectly with her lens. Every. Time. ❤

So here, below, is The Dark Wife, in photographic format.

All of these photographs are copyrighted to Laura Vasilion and can be shared on social media, but must be credited back to her at


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10 Responses to THE DARK WIFE Inspired Photo Shoot by Vasilion Photography

  1. I absolutely love “The Dark Wife” and this photo shoot is AMAZING. I’m wordless though I’d like to write how wonderful it is. Wow. Just… WOW.


  2. Arielle says:

    So breathtaking! <333 Just sublimely beautiful.


  3. Lisa says:

    I was also obsessed with Sailor Moon at age 15! Have you seen the live action version? I’m *still* obsessed with that version, lol.

    (Sorry to get off track – The photos are beautiful! I loved seeing them on the Facebook page, thank you for sharing them all in one place here. They are so perfect! But I mean… fellow Moonies, this is such cause for celebration!)


  4. Holy Morgana, those photographs are amazing!! What an awesome gift, and an inspiring one, too.


  5. What amazing photographs! (Now I’ve got to see if I can find the book anywhere in Tokyo…)
    I wanted to comment and say that your own wedding gowns were gorgeous, too!


  6. maryskye says:

    This is just amazing. I finished reading The Dark Wife for the fourth time today (it’s been my goodnight story since I got my hands on it some days ago, but somehow I MUST read it almost twice to find the strength to put it down and sleep without re-reading it) and I remembered I saw the headline of this post when I browsed your blog for the first time. I found these pics amazing when I first saw them, now that I know how wonderful The Dark Wife is I find them even more amazing (yeah, I know I said it at least four times, but there is no “amazing” enough to describe this tale, please bear with me)


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