Release Day: UNCHARTED SKY, the Third Project Unicorn eZine, is Out!

Project Unicorn: A Lesbian YA Extravaganza! has been an incredibly wild ride thus far. A year long fiction project that seeks to address the near nonexistence of lesbian characters in young adult fiction by giving them their own stories, it’s been met by resounding support. Thousands and thousands of people have read and shared the almost three months’ worth of free short stories.

As promised, the first two months have been compiled into the promised eZines–and today, we’re releasing the third. Uncharted Sky is a collection of short stories that chronicles the third month of Project Unicorn. It includes all of the stories that were posted online in that month, plus two bonus short stories that were never released that go along with the theme of the volume: Uncharted Sky.

If you support what we’re trying to do with Project Unicorn, please purchase an eZine or two, share the news of this release with your friends, talk about it and the Project Unicorn stories on social media. We’re doing an incredibly daunting thing with Project Unicorn: addressing an entire group of girls that hardly ever appear in young adult literature. That can’t stand. It’s got to change. We’re doing our absolute best with Project Unicorn to change that, but it needs your support. Thank you. ❤

Uncharted Sky is a YA short story collection FILLED with lesbian heroines. If that sounds awesome to you, please support it by purchasing a copy today! ❤

Available On:

Barnes and Noble


About Sarah Diemer

I write about heroic, magical girls who love girls. I drink a lot of coffee. Follow me at or find out more about my work at
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