Friday Random: The Sparkle-Cupcake-And-Pony Edition

You can now LISTEN to a Project Unicorn story! Hear me read my free lesbian YA short story, “Wolves of Leaving,” at my Tumblr! My very first time recording on my own! People have asked for the audio versions of Project Unicorn (A Lesbian YA Extravaganza!) stories, and since I have NO IDEA HOW TO USE RECORDING SOFTWARE or anything like that whatsoever, I thought WHAT A FUN THING TO TRY! You know. Because I’m me. ;D I chose my short story “Wolves of Leaving” because it’s the shortest Project Unicorn story I’ve done. And I tried the hell out of recording it. And here she be! Let me know what you think of it, and if people like the stories this way, I’ll get a cheap microphone and try recording a few more. 🙂 ❤

– We're heading to Connecticut eeeeeeearly Monday morning to visit with one of our best friends and her awesome husband and our Goddess-son-and-daughter. Our Goddess-daughter (YES, THIS IS A PAGAN THING) is turning ONE and I can't believe it, because I remember when she was TINY, and I could start getting SUPREMELY MUSHY, but I shall be most kind and SPARE THEE, O lovely reader. ;D But today, Jenn and I set out on a mission of Great Importance–heading to the magical, far off little town that has not one, but TWO cupcake shops that sport vegan cupcakes so that we could get our baby girl some BIRTHDAY CUPCAKES. <3! Yes, I could totally have made said cupcakes, but I've been doing novel revisions and working on eight million writing projects (AS USUAL), and my brain said IT WOULD BE MUCH MORE JOLLY TO TAKE A COUNTRYSIDE RIDE AND END IT AT A CUPCAKE SHOP. So this is what we did. And the mission was WILDLY SUCCESSFUL!

This TERRIBLE photo I took with my phone still sparkles. Yes. They are going to be just that awesome.

– While we were down in Pittsburgh with Jenn’s family last week for Thanksgiving, we ended up at our favorite thrift store. Jenn and I are to thrift stores as people who obsess about wine are to wine (PLEASE JUST GO WITH THIS METAPHOR, I HAVE USED ALL OF MY GOOD WORDS FOR FICTION). We can tell upon entering the store if it’s going to be good just by the Thrift Store Aroma(TM). We can find things in thrift stores that NO SOUL HAS YET IMAGINED. Mostly, this is Jenn’s doing, since she has what is universally known as “thrift-store-mojo,” and I just had the incredible luck to marry her. We’ve found some amazing things together (our entire house and all-we-wear is furnished by the Most Magical Thrift Stores), but THIS trip took the cake. If you’ve followed any social media account of mine EVER, you are WELL AWARE that Jenn and I are just a teensy-eensy-itty-bitty-bit obsessed with My Little Pony (I AM SO SORRY THAT YOU ARE SO AWARE. I do try to keep pony-splosions and squeeing down to a minimum. You’re shocked that that level is considered “minimum.”). We’ve found quite a few of them at thrift stores, but, you know…like one little bag. Or one pony. Normal levels of pony-finding that still ended in major joy. BUT LO, UPON THIS DAY IN THE MAGICAL THRIFT STORE, clouds parted, angels began to sing, and bags and bags of ponies were purchased for unholy-small-amounts-of-pennies that ended in Sarah and Jenn walking out with fifty-three ponies. If your ear drums have recently burst, I apologize–that was me squeeing.



– I talked about my experienced with calling the Trevor Project Suicide Hotline (for a story) this past week on my Tumblr.

– And, to end…if our herd of ponies doesn’t take over the world… This is what I’ve taught our cat, Orca (THE SPORK), to do: ride around on my shoulder unassisted for a VERY LONG TIME EACH DAY. Be afraid. World domination is imminent after pirate-parrot-stance mastery.

Maybe the religious fundamentalists were right! If lesbians can teach their cats to sit on their shoulders, THEY COULD DEFINITELY THREATEN THE VERY FOUNDATION OF HUMAN CIVILIZATION. Or, at the very least, have a cat that sits on their shoulders.

– And to end REALLY:


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