RELEASE DAY!: LOVE DEVOURS, my first short story collection, is out now!

I’ve always been a monster girl. I walk the woods at night as I watch the moon rise, imagining the monsters that creep at the edge of the twilight, tugging on the edge of the stars. I build monsters out of dreams, out of memories, out of myth and with the tatters of leftover magic from older days. I love to look at the jagged remnants of fears, turn them this way and that, and carefully (oh so carefully), extract the tiny, fragile bones of a monster.

I love to think about, in its simplest put way, what makes a monster, and what makes a man–I believe that almost everything I write asks that basic question. I’ve seen the beautiful side of humanity, but I have also seen the monstrous one. I have been called a monster many times because I’m gay. There is so much to the mythology of monsters. The very word can prick the skin at the back of your neck, make you shiver. It’s a terrifying word, isn’t it, the way it rolls in your mouth, smooth and slick, with a sharp prick at the edge: monsters.

I have been working on Love Devours: Tales of Monstrous Adoration, my first short story collection, since the release of my first novel, The Dark Wife. It’s been my muse and my passion for this time, and I have loved it dearly. I wanted to explore, with this collection, the reclaiming of monsters. I wanted to walk down ink-black halls and resurrect the old, broken bones of myth into something alive and lashing and beautiful. I wanted to talk about the soul of monsters, how it resides in humans, and how there’s always a spirit of humanity in monsters. And I wanted to explore all of this through the lens of a queer woman, with a queer narrative, as a queer storyteller.

So today marks the release of my first short story collection, filled with darkness and light and hate and love. I hope that you’ll read Love Devours, that you’ll devour the stories as I devoured the act of writing them. I think that, to date, it’s the best I’ve ever done, and I am very excited to put it out into the world. ❤ Thank you for reading, for asking, for wanting–this one's for you.

We’re all afraid of monsters. They coil in our subconscious, slither along the edges of thought. Still we creep to the crackling fire to whisper their stories.

Love Devours is a collection of new fables for queer women, extracted from the bones of the dark: ominous fairy tales, sinister myths, dystopias rife with nightmares. But in the midst of monsters, love still struggles to find the light.

A witch traps a beast of the sea; a corpse is reanimated out of love; a muse drains her supplicant; a priestess worships in a church of wolves. Six monster stories lurk within these pages. Six heroines, sometimes monsters themselves, unearth romance, rebuild worlds, shatter spells. Their courage unveils the secret faces of humankind’s greatest compulsions: fear and love.

Come into the dark and be devoured.

Love Devours: Tales of Monstrous Adoration is Sarah Diemer’s first anthology, a collection of queer dark fantasy and science fiction stories.

Available for purchase from:
Amazon (Kindle)
Barnes and Noble (Nook)
Smashwords (All other eReaders/Online Reading)
Print version coming within a few days! ❤


I’m also releasing the last short story in the collection today, “The Forever Star.” If you read and loved “Far,” the first short story in the collection, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with “The Forever Star.” It’s meant to bookend to “Far.” 🙂

Elaine is the star maker. She doesn’t remember a time before she made the stars. Whether she’s a goddess or cog in a machine, she can’t be certain, but Elaine knows one soul-deep truth: she is lonely. So she leaves her corner of the universe to set out on a quest for meaning, unaware that her simple choice could save a world…and the woman she grows to love.

Available for purchase from:
Amazon (Kindle)
Barnes and Noble (Nook)
Smashwords (All other eReaders/Online Reading)


Last, but certainly not least, I thought this would be a good time to update on The Bone Girl, my next novel’s, release date. I’m sorry to say that I’ve had to push it back to September 25th. This is for incredibly good reasons, I promise you–and I think you’re going to love it when it comes out. Today was the original release date for it, but I thought having Love Devours released might make it a little better. ❤ I know how excited you are about The Bone Girl, and we’re working very hard for next month’s release–I can’t wait to share that novel with you! ❤


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One Response to RELEASE DAY!: LOVE DEVOURS, my first short story collection, is out now!

  1. Arielle says:

    I can’t wait for the print edition of Love Devours to come out! ❤
    & I read the first 20% of The Forever Star … omgosh! I’m in love already!

    & I can’t wait for The Bone Girl to come out. 😀
    & I can’t wait to see what the good reasons are that pushed back the release date. 😀 ❤


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