Book Trailer: The Bone Girl

My upcoming YA release, The Bone Girl, is coming this summer–today, I unveil its shiny book trailer! ❤

In a world where snow never falls and flowers never grow, the animals have learned to speak, and the people change their skins as easily as they change their clothes. But while Skin Peddlers sell fleshy wares in corner shops, the radical Church of the Skinned preaches against the impurity of selling one’s most precious possession.

One night, a greedy Skin Peddler steals the most beautiful skin he’s ever seen, leaving a girl of bones behind. Lutese wakes up skinless–and though other people would simply buy and slip into another skin, Lu refuses. As a bone girl, as a freak, she ventures into the wild, dying world to get her skin back.

Unbeknownst to Lu, there is a prophecy about a bone girl whispered among the animals. It foretells of an ending to the world, of a monstrous winter. As Lu draws closer to End City, the rumors grow stronger, following in her wake. But she doesn’t care about anything besides getting her skin back…

Until she falls in love with an outcast girl named Mara, one of the reviled Low. This simple act sets events into motion that could change the world forever.

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