Short Story, "The Witch Sea," Released for FREE!

I was ecstatic when my short story, “The Witch Sea,” won Kissed by Venus’s Fresh Voices short story competition. So much so, that I decided when I released it as a downloadable eBook, I would make it free. The original short story was roughly eleven thousand words, but the short story competition’s cut off for entry was four thousand words. “The Witch Sea” was the story I wanted to submit, so I ended up taking much of a side story and many, many scenes out of the original tale in order to enter it. I now release the full, extended version as a free downloadable eBook to you~ It is now available on Smashwords, and should soon be available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble–I’ll update with links when it’s live! ❤

Download “The Witch Sea” for FREE on Smashwords!

The witch Meriel has spent her entire life in the lighthouse on tiny Bound Island. Upon the distant shore prowls an ancient sea god kept captive by a generations-old spell, a spell that Meriel alone must protect.

Meriel’s life has been lonely and unchanging–until the arrival of Nor. Nor’s shape is that of a woman, but her heart belongs to the sea. Even though Nor is also held captive by Meriel’s spell, she shows kindness to the isolated witch. Nor sparks a passion within Meriel, defying every law that binds them both.

This award-winning short story (“The Witch Sea” won first place in the “Kissed by Venus” Fresh Voices short story competition) is a dark fantasy tale of love, loss and the price of freedom.

(“The Witch Sea” will be included in the same collection of short stories as “Far–“ the collection, Love Devours: Tales of Monstrous Adoration is coming soon!)


About Sarah Diemer

I write about heroic, magical girls who love girls. I drink a lot of coffee. Follow me at or find out more about my work at
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