On Sparkle Wedding

I have these incredibly surreal moments when I realize that we’re getting legally married. Like yesterday, when Jenn tried on her wedding dress for the first time. I stared at her, so beautiful my heart was breaking, and realized that my lifelong dream–to legally marry the love of my life–was actually coming true.

When I first started dating Jenn, waaaaaaaay back in 2003, that was just an impossible thought. It didn’t even sit for long in our minds that, someday, we’d be just like everyone else, walking down the aisle together, legally committing ourselves to one another for all time. It was a fairy tale dream. A beautiful, lovely one, but so far fetched and impossible.

Not anymore.

Not in thirty-seven days, four hours and fifty-one minutes.

But who’s counting? ❤

Some pictures from the engagement photoshoot that my amazing sister,
Laura took over the weekend! ❤


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8 Responses to On Sparkle Wedding

  1. James Femmer says:

    I love the mischievous look on Jenn’s face in the one picture. 😀

    Congratulations, you two! I am really happy for you! XD


  2. Arielle Schow says:

    Omgosh, there’s a Garden of Antheia update today?! *SQUEE*


  3. Debi Lewis says:

    I bought two of your beautiful flowers and am wearing one today — a barista at my coffeeshop admired it, so I told him your story. He was so taken with it that he asked for the URL for your blog so he could buy some flowers for his fiance and tell his friend who works at a salon to post it there too. The flowers are just beautiful, but the story and love behind them are EVEN BETTER.


  4. Widdershins says:

    Hey there you two. I’ve just come across your blog via Kissed by Venus.

    I live in Canada and my wife and I have been married for 7 years. I look at her some days and still find myself aglow with wonder that this legal entity we’ve created is possible. I grew up in Australia where it’s still not legal to get married.

    Whatever the opinions of marriage equality are within the LGBTQ community itself, we all agree that we have the right to choose … and you’ve made this wonderful choice … congratulations …

    … mind if I stick around for a while, and share in the glow-y gooey stuff?


    • Sarah says:

      Oh, absolutely~ 🙂 I’m so glad you found us–your story is so inspiring! That love-glowy-gooey wonder is what makes the world go ’round, I think.

      Thank you~ 🙂


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