Write ALL THE THINGS: Or, Why Writer's Retreats are the Greatest Invention Since Bees

Firstly, just a quick note that I am offering up fifteen paperback copies of The Dark Wife for purchase and fabulousness. If you were thinking of getting a paper copy, this one is siiiiiiiiigned. IT MIGHT SPARKLE. More info at the link! ❤


This past weekend, some of my dearest friends, my wife/fiancee/lady-of-awesome-and-loooove and I sequestered ourselves away into a cottage on the shores of Lake Ontario, forgoing all MORTAL NEEDS for that most noble and true art which is known as the WRITINGS.

(The forgoing all MORTAL NEEDS things is actually a bit of a fib. There was lots of coffee and cake nommings involved.)

I’ve always been so in love with the idea of a writer’s retreat. A solid handful of days when you sat down with your current project and at turns cajoled words upon the page or typed as fast as you possibly could to keep up with your imagination. To a writer/artist/I-create-things person, it sounds like heaven, right? So when our friends, Pete and Katie, the dynamic duo of Fairy Magik fame, proposed this most ultimate of weekends, we were ecstatic. DAYS to just WRITE all the THINGS? SIGN US UP.

So, now that I’ve taken part in a writer’s retreat, I have some THINGS to SHARE.

I write every day, for a select portion of the day, so I wondered if having two days solely dedicated to writing would impact me deeply, or if it would just be like any other day. The answer is that HELLS TO THE YES, it impacts you. There’s something deeply gratifying about removing yourself from your usual daily situation, and going to a new place solely dedicated to writing to…you know…write.

Also, there is nothing more gratifying and wonderful than sharing a house with some of the most creative, “I totally get it” people in the world, creating together.

Have a picture of the stairs down from the landing, to the waters of Lake Ontario, lake monster not included!

In short, much writing was done, much LOLs were had, and much happiness blossomed from the fabulousness that WAS: THE WRITER’S RETREAT WEEKEND.


I used a portion of Saturday to upload my next release to Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Smashwords. Its release day is tomorrow, and I am MORE THAN SLIGHTLY EXCITED ABOUT IT.

It’s a dark fantasy short story (just over ten thousand words in length) entitled “Far.” “Far” contains lesbian zombies, devouring love and sentient worlds and has an interesting reason for existing. It is a stand alone story, but part of an upcoming anthology I am putting out before the end of the year: Love Devours: Three Tales of Monstrous Adoration. Details on that coming soon~ ❤

Once, Mana stole back souls for a living. As a Runner, it was her job to snatch the dead out of After and spare them from a dubious future provided by a machine known as the Recycler. Through magic and will, she joined the stolen souls to their dead bodies and brought them back to “life” as Reanima. It was gruesome–and illegal–but it was business. Mana was the best Runner in the nameless city…

And then she met Far.

Far had been waiting her entire life to die. The city smothered her, and there was no way out. Far had treasonous questions about her existence, and though Mana loved Far with all her heart, love was not enough to save her. When Far dies, Mana goes against her wishes and steals back her lover’s soul, losing her own in the process. Now a Reanima and alone, Far must decide what’s more important: truth, freedom, or the love of her death.


About Sarah Diemer

I write about heroic, magical girls who love girls. I drink a lot of coffee. Follow me at http://twitter.com/sediemer or find out more about my work at http://sarahdiemerauthor.wordpress.com
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6 Responses to Write ALL THE THINGS: Or, Why Writer's Retreats are the Greatest Invention Since Bees

  1. Karyn says:

    Everytime I come here it looks different! I love it 😀

    I like the idea of a writers retreat (I’m a non-writer but retreats = fun) although I am a bit confused exactly on how it would work with a group of people. Did each of you just sequester yourselves away in your room and then stumble out during feeding times to critique and eat or was it round robin style or what?

    Zombies squick me out but for you Dear Ms. Diemer I will indulge. Are there dropping body parts though? I don’t know if I can handle scenes of love and affection but while they kiss a rotting eyeball pops our or something 😯 😮 😆


    • Sarah says:

      Hee, thank you 😀 ❤

      We actually all wrote together in the big room, and would occasionally talk about what we were writing, or self publishing or x, y or z. We would go places in the house to write, or go write on the deck or by the water–it was really whatever we felt like, which was so happy and freeing.

      No dropping body parts. And I don't want to give too much away, but it is not what you think it is. ;D <33333 THERE IS A TWIST.


  2. Meg says:

    I love you and your creative..creativeness!


  3. Raardvarks says:

    That sounds like such a fun and productive idea! I should try a writer’s retreat— I’m sure it would be much better than what I normally do, which is writing snippets whenever I get inspired AND have the time (which is a very small overlap).


    • Sarah says:

      It’s wonderful, and I totally recommend it–I hope you get a chance to, even if it’s just blocking off an entire weekend, holing yourself up in a Starbucks and declaring it A WRITER’S RETREAT. I think that would work, too. But I believe everything comes from coffee. *nods*


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