Say YES, NY! — The Fight for Marriage Equality in NY State

Jenn and I on our wedding day, September 29th, 2007~

The bill for Marriage Equality is up again in NY state. Two years ago, the bill did not pass. It was a devastating day–a day I still remember. I’d followed the battle religiously. That day, I went home to my wife–my wife in everything but legality–and wept in her arms. We’d wanted so badly for it to pass, we’d said so many prayers, had hoped beyond hope, and we’d lost.

This is a different day. It’s two years later. The entire country has experienced a sea change–over half of America believes now that to withhold the right to marry from GLBT peoples is wrong.

Right now, the NY legislature has thirty-one votes in favor. This means that only one vote remains to “YES.” We are one vote away from gay marriage in NY state.

It’s really hard to articulate how much this means to us. I’m doing my absolute best not to get too excited–I know many, many people are fighting it, and–just like last time–it might not happen. But I’m an eternal optimist, and I believe with every bit of my being that this is a possibility, that this COULD happen, that our lives could be changed forever so dramatically and beautifully.

I’m making more frequent updates on my LiveJournal about the process. They include more exclamation marks. Possibly more sparkle. I am just saying. 😀



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2 Responses to Say YES, NY! — The Fight for Marriage Equality in NY State

  1. Becky says:

    We in Massachusetts are rooting for you guys! I swear if they do not vote yes I will personally drive to New York and PUNCH SOMEBODY UNTIL THEY STOP ACTING LIKE LOSERS.


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