Another Early Halloween, Shinies and Links

I’ve released one of my original fairy tales, a companion to “Hallow’s Eve” entitled “Once Upon a Hallow’s Eve,” the second in the series. Just over 5,000 words in length, it’s priced at only .99 cents! It is now on sale at and

Once Upon a Hallow’s Eve: A Halloween Fairy Tale
Price: $0.99 (For the Kindle)
Barnes and Noble (For the Nook)

“Stories often begin with ‘Once upon a time,’ or ‘Once there was–‘ charming lines that imply a fairy tale. Our story starts with wolves in the woods, and–by degrees–gets worse.

“This tale, as you can imagine, is not the charming sort.”

A young girl, with a hopeless wish, a Dark King with a candle for a heart, a single Hallow’s Eve night to spin the brightest of magics. “Once Upon a Hallow’s Eve,” a short story and original Halloween fairy tale, travels to the court of Dark Shadows and back again on a bewitching journey across a most unusual Halloween night.

(This fairy tale was originally penned about three–four?–years ago, and remains, to date, one of my favorite pieces I’ve ever written~ :))


The Dark Wife Giveaway is still going on until tomorrow at 10AM (EST), when I will draw a winner! I finally took peekturs of the shinies you could win, and utterly failed to put the perfume sample vial in them. So just imagine a small vial of awesomeness nestled in there somewhere, kthx. ;D

This is what the giveaway contains:
– A print copy of The Dark Wife
– A labradorite necklace made by yours truly–a copy of the one that Hades gives to Persephone in the book~
– A sample vial of The Dark Wife perfume oil made for me by The Misery/Love Co.. There is only one bottle of this perfume in existence in the world! It was created for me to wear while writing the book, and is one of my favorite perfumes EVER–it is amazingly beautiful~ ❤ It smells like this: Crushed rose petals, bitter myrrh, honey wine, red sandalwood, dry palmarosa grasses, black pepper, dragon’s blood, six pomegranate arils, and a fresh hint of new tears.

Labradorite is a sister stone to moonstone (sometimes called black moonstone), and it flashes from within with different colors of fire. I had Hades give Persephone a necklace of it in the book because it is a stone of perseverance and deep courage–exactly what Persephone might have needed once she came above ground. In this necklace, I added six garnets to symbolize pomegranate seeds.

I took this stunning pendant (doesn’t it look like there’s a dark heart within?):

And turned it into this necklace:

You can enter The Dark Wife Giveaway here!


– Shveta Thakrar did an interview with me at her blog, here~ ❤ In which I talk about The Dark Wife, Glamourkin, cupcakes, and my next novel!
– J. Koyanagi did an interview with me that is now up at her blog at In which I talk about self publishing, The Dark Wife, being gay, writing gay books and what’s next!
– I wrote a guest post for The Gay YA, entitled Sharing Stories: Why Straight People Need to Read Gay Books


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4 Responses to Another Early Halloween, Shinies and Links

  1. Stephanie says:

    Ooooh so pretty! Labradorite is one of my favourite gemstones!


  2. Rachel M. says:

    I don’t see a heart, so much, as a black phoenix rising out of the labradorite. It’s *stunning*. 😀


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